National Investigation Department

National Investigation Department

The National Investigation Department (NID) is the only one intelligence agency of Nepal Government. NID tasked with gathering, processing and analyzing national security information from around the nation and world too. It is a main stakeholder of security of the nation like Army, Police and Arm Police, NID is mainly responsible for intelligence. Which may be visible or invisible?

21st century is the age of information and technology. Without information no institution or Government can do anything. National security policy of the country depends on the intelligence. So the information of internal and international threat, people’s satisfaction and conflict in different issues, political movement, crime trend and socio economic status of country are all the key points. So all the information is needed for Government to move ahead strategically.

So the NID is the most important and reputed organization of the nation. Its headquarter is located in Singha Durbar and spread over the seventy five district in country.It is a pride to be a member of security agency of own nation. Serve the nation and save the nation.

It regulates its recruiting system every year to fulfill its human resource.


  • Jaycees Building, Thapathali Kathmandu
  • 01-4219090