Why Dcan?


  1.  The one and only institute ever established in Nepal for Defence Career.
  2.  Located at Nepal JCI Building Thapathali, in the heart of Educational Hub, easily accessible from all corners of the valley.
  3.  Excellent result oriented classes in congenial environment by experienced, qualified, competent and devoted faculties and skilled teaching and non-teaching staff.
  4. Guest lectures by the experts, seminars, workshops for right aptitude development of candidate from high ranking officers of Nepal Army, Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, National Investigation Department, and Foreign Army.
  5. Motivation and rewards to meritorious students, Special attention toward slow learners
    students and financial help to needy students.
  6. Providing the trainings in Bearing, Physical, Medical, I.Q., English, Nepali, Maths, GK.. Sewa/Service, Constitution, IO/TO/GTO, Board Conference and Board Interview by the related ex-Army/Police high ranking officers to the candidates.
  7. Strictly conducting the tests (daily/weekly) to entice their knowledge, skill and efficiency
    required to develop the leadership quality and regular feedback class. Instructed by well-experienced Physical Instructors, Medical Officers, Professors, Lecturers, Resource Persons, Writers and related fields high ranking Retd. officers with proper guidance and important handouts.
  8. Spacious and well equipped Digital classrooms with limited number of students.
  9. Office opens from early morning 5:30am till evening 7 pm having three shifts a day (Morning, Day and Evening), each sift covers five hours (1 hour Physical and 4 hour t.Q Written Class)
  10. Library having an abundant collection of related Course Materials, Journals, Daily Newspaper, Periodicals and e-Learning materials.
  11.  Service oriented organization which is highly devoted to the harmonious Physical and Mental development of the candidates. Regular Assessment of students, teacher-guardian scheme and career counseling by the experts.
  12. Scholarships available for different categories.
  13. Free Supplies: Every Saturday Briefing, Color Vision Test, Counseling, Form Fill up, Entrance Test, Regular Test, Ball Pen, Diary, Handouts, Drinking Water, Wi-Fi, etc.
  14. Certain amount of profit goes to charitable work.