Nepal Police

Nepal Police

Nepal Police is the leading organization for internal peace and security in Nepal Police were working since the ancient period Lichchabi and Malla period but the Police Act came into the force in 1955 AD (2012 BS), Police when it was established there were approx 7500 strength now there are more than 72000. The motto of the Nepal Police is Truth, Service and Security. The latest amendment of the Police Rule was done in 2071 It has Headquarters in Kathmandu and other offices are as Metro Police, Regional, and Zonal District, Area and Chauki level also in the field level in the country. In other fields traffic police is a major component of Nepal Police. It is serving in International fields also. Nepal is a one of the major contributors in the UN. Since 1992 Nepal police is serving for peace and security in the world.

The main job of Police Organization is to control and investigate the crime. Government secured the people and their property as well as their human rights through the police organization. Every national has rights to live, earn the money from own business and move throughout the nation without any disturbance. All these activities can be done with assurance of peace and security. Without security of life and property people can do nothing. Peace cannot be bought from money. Security is the most challenging job in this scientific period. Most of the evil of society lives in society and can’t be easily, unless and until the action comes out against the peace.

But the noticed may occur every time in every human. Security challenge may be man made or natural calamities. When people feel insecured then police should be present for the execution of law and help or solve the problem whether in the remote or urban area, Police should be on duty for 24 hours. So the policing is most adventures job in the society. By the single action, police will serve the people, society and nation at a time.

That’s why we can say , “Nobody is superior to the law and police will be close friend in happiness and terrible condition too.”

It regulates its recruiting system every year to fulfill its human resource.


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